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KU Genomics Facility RSS Feed

Our RSS Feed covers latest facility announcements and reports, genomics news in general, hot genomics papers, interesting viewpoints, etc.

Ways to subscribe

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What is RSS feed?

RSS, or Rich Site Summary, is a quick and convenient way to keep track of latest web content. It delivers the latest information to you without using your email box (like mailing list does). To get more information on RSS, you can find a quick RSS introduction here or watch a youtube video "RSS in Plain English".

How to subscribe and read RSS feed?

The simplest way is to use your browser. Recent versions of most popular browsers, such as IE7, Firefox, Opera or Safari, can properly display and allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds. You can also use dedicated RSS news reader such as Feedreader or Bloglines for PC, NetNewsWire or PlupFiction for Mac.