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Our Mission

The mission of the KU Genomics Facility is to 1) providing state-of-the-art genomics technology to the KU life science community, 2) promoting adoption of systems biology approach to KU biomedical research, and 3) interacting and collaborating with campus-wide bioinformatics investigators to build a strong coalition on KU genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics research.

Exploration of gene activity lies at the heart of all life science research. Simultaneous analysis of hundreds of thousands of genes in the genome becomes a reality only with the introduction of genomics technology (mainly microarray). With its rapid development in the past decade, genomics becomes a mainstay in the life science arena and has greatly revolutionized modern biomedical research.

Genomics research needs highly specialized instrumentation and expertise from different disciplines, including molecular biology, biostatistics, mathematics and computer science. Because of the sophisticated nature of this high-throughput technology, it is beyond capabilities of individual laboratories and therefore, a centralized facility is essential in order to take full advantage of this revolutionary technology.

The Facility will accomplish this mission by:

1. Providing cost-effective, full service to KU genomics research, from experimental design, data generation to data analysis consultation;

2. Assisting investigators in preparing genomics-related grant proposal;

3. Assisting investigators and students in adopting systems biology approach in their biological research;

4. Fostering collaboration between biologists and bioinformatician;

5. Integrating genomics with proteomics and bioinformatics. We believe this integration is inevitable in the near future and will provide new driving force for the next generation of biological research;

6. Advancing KU pharmaceutical R&D capabilities and promoting economic growth in the State. Genomics technology has been proven to provide excellent tools for biomarker discovery and drug candidate screening.