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For microarray data generation, we use the Affymetrix GeneChip System. This system is the most widely adopted microarray platform for genomics research in academia and industry. The latest GeneChip arrays cover all currently known genes in the genomes of various organisms, including human, mouse, rat and Arabidopsis.

Next-gen sequencing equipment (Illumina HiSeq 2500) available soon (Aug. 2012).

List of Major Equipment

- Affymetrix GeneChip System, including the GeneChip Hybridization Oven 640, the Fluidics Station 450, and the latest GeneChip Scanner 3000 with autoloader, operated with the latest GeneChip Operating Software

- Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast Real-time PCR System

- Beckman Biomek NX Laboratory Automation Workstation

- Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer

- Nanodrop ND-1000 Spectrophotometer

- Arcturus PixCell IIe Laser Capture Microdissection System

Genomics Data Storage, Access and Analysis

- One Dell PowerEdge 2850 Microarray Data Server

- Three Dell PC Data Analysis Workstations

With our data server, investigators have direct access to their genomics data from remote sites, such as their own computers (Login page). This server employs enterprise-level security for data protection. The establishment of this data server is a collaboration with the Information & Telecommunication Technology Center (ITTC) at the KU.

For on-site data analysis support or for investigators needing more computational power, data analysis workstations within the facility are also provided.